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Culture and Values

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Career Development

We are committed to rewarding, developing and retaining talents. And we'll share the responsibility for your career development with you. There will always be a range of resources available to you and your manager to help you determine and meet your development needs. Here are a few of the ways we'll work with you to help you achieve your full potential.

The PROXC Experience

Your career development starts on your first day. This includes career and personal development planning and "The PROXC Experience", an interactive, induction program we provide.

Performance and Development Planning

Our Performance and Development Planning process (PDP) is there to help you at all stages of your career with us. PDP is a powerful tool for matching your personal success to the success of the business. Throughout the year, you and your manager will work together on this process to set you challenging objectives and identify your career development needs.

Career Innovation Zone

Our Career Innovation Zone is an online resource that you can access freely at any time from work or home. It offers a wealth of interactive tools and tips to help you work out the potential career directions and choices that would be right for you.

Coaching and feedback

We promote a culture of ongoing coaching and feedback for all employees. A variety of formal and informal resources are available to help you, including a 360-degree feedback process and external coaching. You'll also be encouraged to take part in either a formal or informal mentoring relationship.

On-the-job development

On-the-job development is part of the way we work. Opportunities for "stretch" assignments and access to our cross business job posting database are a few of the resources available to you.



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